Instructional Oil Painting E-Packets

by Tony Carchia

These are Instructional “How To” Oil Painting Packets that Tony has put together

on a single painting. It comes complete with a list of supplies needed, a color photo,

written “step-by-step” instructions with color swatches for each step as well as mixes

and a pattern sheet or sketch when one is needed.  All painting were done on a 9”X12”

canvas but can easily be adapted to accommodate any size canvas.

Golden Sunset a.jpg
Old abandoned Boat.jpg


"Abandoned Boat"

$6.00 USD

Beluga Whale.jpg


"Golden Sunset"

$6.00 USD


"Beluga Whale"

$6.00 USD



"The Snowman"

$6.00 USD

Sweet Nectar.jpg


"Sweet Nectar"

$6.00 USD

Country Barn.jpg


"Country Barn"

$6.00 USD