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In the Spotlight - Artist/Instructor, Buck Paulson

This is a tribute to my dear friend and mentor, Donald "Buck" Paulson who has helped me both artistically as well as spiritually. His inspiration and exciting approach to painting has me wanting to follow in his footsteps to become "the best that I can be" in life and in teaching the world to paint. I have been very fortunate to have attended many of his painting workshops at conferences throughout the country where I have learned so much about painting, teaching and life in general.

Originally from Minnesota, Don Paulson served in the Army then attended Brigham Young University where he majored in Physical Education. He later went on to play professional baseball, then off to Canada to teach. It wasn't until moving back to the States in 1962 that Buck felt a need to express himself. Lacking of any artistic experience or talent, Don Paulson was introduced to an old master artist, Claude Buck who not only touched him as an artist but became his best friend. It was because of his great admiration for Claude Buck that Don Paulson adopted the name "Buck" out of respect to this great master and pays tribute to him by using the name, Buck Paulson. Living in Santa Barbara, California for the past 40 years has been the perfect place to study the mood, action and drama of the ever-changing sea. After devoting a great deal of time and unexhausting energy, Buck had finally perfected his art. It's through his masterful paintings of the sea that he captures forever all the mystique associated with it. His dear friend, instructor and mentor,Claude Buck passed away in 1974 at the age of 84, but before he died he revealed to Buck Paulson an old, master artistic technique called "Surface Intensity" which Buck now applies to his artwork.

Not only a Seascape Master Artist but Buck Paulson is equally proficient in Still Life, Floral, Landscape and Portrait painting. He has authored several "How To" Instructional Painting books in which some went along with his popular PBS television series, "Painting with Paulson" and "The Art of Buck Paulson" which ran off and on from 1988 on through 1998. He travels around this great country sharing his knowledge and expertise with those wanting to learn and grow as an artist. Along with his art, he is also a spiritual and motivational speaker encouraging people in enjoying the many fascinating things that life has to offer. Buck now applies his master technique to dramatic and moving pieces of art in various fields, including sports and opera. Some of Bucks original paintings hanging in galleries in Hawaii and in Carmel as well as private homes throughout the United States.

What had only started out as a hobby has extended into a full time career which has given him tremendous joy and a lifetime of memories with all of the people whose hearts he has touched. I for one, am forever grateful and honored to know him and call him my friend.

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