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About the Artist
Tony Carchia of "Painting for Pleasure" is both an artist and oil painting instructor. He hails originally from Massachusetts but has been residing in sunny warm Florida since 1993 with his lovely wife Tina, who is also an artist.

Tony is a Certified Instructor teaching the "Wet-on-Wet" oil painting technique that has been made nationally famous by television artists on the PBS networks. He has taught thousands of people, ranging in ages from 6 to 92 from all across the USA and Canada just how quick, easy and fun oil painting can be and loves sharing his knowledge and experience with others.

Tony has always been interested in arts and crafts. He still remembers his first painting experience in kindergarten. No brushes, just fingers and paint and oh was that messy but so much fun. Throughout grade school, he continued to draw and add color with pencils or markers and entered a few art contests placing within the top levels. In high school, he was fortunate to experience a variety of arts and crafts like drawing, sculpting, pottery making, painting, block print making and more. After high school his art was put on hold for the next 20 years as family and work took over his priorities.

After many years of having watched numerous painting shows featuring artists like Robert Warren, Bill Alexander, Lynne Pittard and Bob Ross on PBS, Tony said to himself, "They make it look so easy". At a local arts and crafts store in Brockton, Massachusetts, the opportunity to "give it a go" arose. On May 4th, 1989 Tony took his first "wet-on-wet" oil painting class with Bob Ross instructor Dana Jester and was instantly hooked. He was so proud of his very first painting and showed it off to everyone. A few days later, his brother Bob asked if Tony could teach him how to do a painting.

Although Tony had only painted one painting, he knew more than Bob did. Starting with a homemade easel that held 2 canvases side-by-side, he began his teaching career. At first Tony had a few, one-on-one classes teaching only family members. As time went on, Tony thoroughly learned this technique by practicing at home with instructional books and video tapes as well as taking classes from a variety of instructors. It wasn't long before he started holding group classes consisting of mostly family and friends. He remembers, "Although I lost money teaching my first group class, I learned that I loved teaching." He later went on to become a Certified Instructor in 1991, working under Alexander Art and in that year, "Painting for Pleasure" began and Tony has been teaching ever since.

Tony is now teaching mostly within the Central Florida area at arts & crafts stores in Orlando, Ocala and Homosassa. He also teaches at community clubhouses at various locations.

Future Plans
Setting goals gives you something to work towards and is important to promote personal growth. Tony has always set goals for himself, although some were more achievable than others. His future goals are to eventually become a TV artist, like those he used to watch and admire on PBS and to travel around this great USA in a motorhome with his wife Tina, teaching along the way. The late TV artist, Bill Alexander, had a dream to "Teach the world to paint" and Tony has been helping to fulfill his dream. Who knows, someday Tony may just pop into your neighborhood or TV.

So, keep an eye open for "Painting for Pleasure" with Tony Carchia.

Tony has been featured on a few access cable shows both discussing and demonstrating the oil painting technique that he has mastered.
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